Monday, March 02, 2009

Gurgaon-Dubai Dejavu

Spent better part of the last week in New Delhi.
It so happens that most Advertising Agencies have shifted to Gurgaon bag and baggage. Friends have followed suit and prefer to live in the vicinity of their work spheres.
I am as sympathetic towards them and their kin as I am towards my life in Mumbai. Gurgaon makes fun of history in the most palpable manner;
1. There never was a discipline called “town planning” in India or the region. Harrappa, Mohenjadaro, The Indus valley civilization never existed and thus we do not have a tradition of city planning. The Sydney Botanical gardens are of no use to the populace there. So are all the green areas developed by cities around the world a whim and fancy of some urban planner.
2. Global warming is a myth. Climate change has not made India lose an island recently (Lohachara island). The fact that Gurgaon is in a sensitive seismic area & prone to earthquakes is a falsity. There is no danger to our progenies or us. For generations to come, Gurgaon as a city and New Delhi as the capital of India will continue to exist without scars from the vagaries of weather, disease, the lack of water, or the abuse of the environment.
3. The following “non-issues” do not matter to the deciding authorities
A. The depletion of ground water
B. Increasing air pollution
C. Lack of proper solid waste disposal and sewer system.
Hence the powers of the Haryana govt have decided that 58 more sectors will be developed in addition to the already existing 57 sectors in Gurgaon according to the Master Plan 2021.
On the other hand, you could say that this is glaringly true of any new city in India. Or is it that being a mere filmmaker, I do not comprehend the complexity of issues faced by the builders, the planners, and the decision makers…
& In the same vein, it does not pain me to see this plunder and rape of mother earth. India is shining and winning everywhere.
It is not a recession here but just a slowdown.
I go to sleep a without a worry, a happy man.
Cause the next morning will herald a glorious day of new achievements, newer breakthroughs by Indians, and a vision that continually assures me of the bright future that my two boys will have.


araa said...

The only planning that happens is the currency suitcase plan. Stability of buildings, traffic, parking, transportation, greenery, etc, etc., are anot meant for Indians.

It is our own, and our administration, and the politicos, who make us Third world. Also because more than 80% of India are willing to live like pigs, and be goaded around like goats, and pick up the bits thrown around like dogs.

I won't be so upbeat about the future of our kids, because right from the beginning, they just face challenges, to make it equivalent to a similar in an equivalent european country.

But then that's also the single strength, that make our kids perform. We just aceept, and move forward.. They call it the true Indian spirit.. In places like Mumbai.. they have another similar thing..

The meaning the same.. shaky building or not.. U have to live there., bad roads.. yet the kids must reach school, Bomb blasts & terror attacks, we have to get to work tomorrow..

The mafia that governs us.. know that.. "The Spirit" is just a way fo sweetening the poison..

Good day to you anyways.. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I didn't know you could write like that :-)

SloganMurugan said...
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Anil said...

True, so very true. The word development has become a toxi-magic word in the cities. Malls, multipleaxes, flyovers et al. You are a renegade if you do not fall in...But in India development should mean toilets, primary health centres, schools and libraries...But who cares! slumdogs are for fun and Oscars, of course!

kikkercurry said...

Hey Ravi
Ah how polarized I'm view we are. :) there is a note ok my facebook page and a blog on my blog u must read (kikkercurry.blogspot). One talks about the challenges I had to face when I was wheelchaired, cause it suddenly was revealed to me no matter what how high they build in gurgaon this country is simply not handicap friendly, not even the new highrise monstrosities. Even a partially handicapped person is banished to his four walls because of the lack of simple things like a ramp or an accessible seat in a movie theater. My blog of course is my totally bemused state at the state of things. Do u have any idea how fucked the Indian embassies abroad are ? I was told by the honoured middle class diplomat at the Hague after presenting him with all necessary documents for a PIO card for my Dutch wife that I should ask her to stay at home and cook for me before arbidly and totally against regulations denying it.
This country is growing like a mutant. And a grossly ugly and warped one at that!
Arun kumar

Mee said...

Like you I have many friends who stay in the 'millenium city' Gurgaon & the way things are moving, this perhaps, might become the first city in the world to be completely deserted because of lack of water. One of the most expensive areas to buy real estate today in India this IT suburb of Delhi is frighteningly hurtling towards a water-scarcity disaster.

It is predicted that this IT-hub is likely to lose all ground water reserves within the next 10 years. The watertables are not being recharged, infact the reverse is happeneing, crazy consumption and depletion is bringing the water resrves down @10 feet per year, has already dropped to 160 metres and even lower in certain areas.

Add to this the massive tubewells installed by the builders which are sucking out underground water to deliver 24 hour water-supply to the newly constructed city! Doesn't matter if the farmers in closeby farms have no water for their fields!

Water or lack of this resource is a serious concern the world over, including India> Time individuals, org's, corporations, masses, govt woke to this reality, else we may not have one!

Mee said...

Are we short sighted or do we simply have everything backwards in life - makes one wonder!!?! Or maybe we only care about now and today?

Mumbai Paused said...

We are the problem. But let someone else do something about it. I want my everything and I shall buy it.

kids quran said...

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Rajesh said...

well written sir , god knows how i landed to your blog ,

@Ravi we know the solution to the problem , we have the strength to fight the problem we also start to resolve the problem , but we never finish it & if we are not alive there is no one to take over from us unlike our job..... a perfect e.g. is the terror attack in Mumbai..... some used to gain political mileage, some lit candles, we have all forgotten & buried the incident .The railway stations & Bust depot ( ST ) which is a life line for us in Mumbai is still unguarded .....sad