Friday, February 22, 2008


It's 2 months since I shifted from the old office in Bandra.
What i miss is Kalesaheb-Arun Kale!

Kalesaheb was across in the opposite garage. Kalesaheb was a partner with Mohammed Khan in the glorious Enterprise Nexus days. To date, Kalesaheb's work is of a higher order than the norm in Indian Advertising.

Kalesaheb came much after i started working out of Excella.

& over the years I have grown fond of this simple but yet great man who evokes respect by his work, his work ethics, his passion for design, his endearing benevolence for the young, the talented, and the needy, and his endearing relationships (Advertising people who had worked under him used to rush to meet him the moment they came to know that he was in the garage opposite).

Every now & then, his friends (A directors, painters, and artists) of 40 years and more frequent his office to share, to discuss, and to thrash!!!

& I have learned to tread with trepidation to restrain my eagerness when i show my completed TVCs...

Mrs. Kale is sunshine-easy to smile. And as eager to lend a helping hand; a bounty of energy!!! & the talented Apu Kale that i lost to the US. I had nefarious plans to use him as an AD.

I’ll miss them…

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